Monday, August 01, 2005

Back in Cairo from the US

I only have scattered impressions at this point:

1. The stores are so big it is scary. There is so much stuff yet it is so alike. I do not like the size because I do not like having to take so much time locating the right aisle to find what I want and get out of the store. I had never gone to a Target before and found the one in Cleveland Heights, Ohio particularly intimidating. I visited no Walmarts.

2. My kids and I bought Harry Potter the morning of the 16th of July and had all read it, in turn (though I cheated by sneaking it while the kid whose turn it was was doing something else) by the 22nd. The coverage of the Harry Potter release in the papers was very amusing. I am torn between recognizing slick marketing and being happy that kids are still so into reading a book - any book.

3. The Pacific Northwest is still the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and if you have never been there before I highly recommend Klamath, Oregon and the surrounding countryside (comprising the Redwoods national park (?) forest (?) monument (?)) and visit the tacky-outside, very-wonderful-inside "Trees of Mystery" with the huge statue of Paul Bunyan visible from the highway. It has an amazing collection of American Indian artifacts.

(EDIT: Oh God, I can't believe I said Klamath is in OR. I spent most of my time in OR (in the Kalmiopsis and in Portland) but Klamath is in Northern California. Apologies.)


Zwack said...

Hey, you never said you would be here in Oregon... Target and Walmart are large and scary. There is a new Walmart here in Portland that is significantly larger than any of the previous ones I've been in. I think it is possible to actually get lost in that store.

If you want variety you should avoid the big chain stores... They do cheap, and they do that by buying in bulk.

I had to wait to read Harry Potter myself. I order the British editions (being British myself) and they have slightly different wording (and no pictures). Having said that I finished it pretty fast. But I spend between two and three hours travelling by bus every day so I have plenty of time to do not much else.


Anna in PDX said...

I was in OR most of the time, but I made a huge mistake saying Klamath is in OR - it's of course in N. CA. Sorry about that. Also, we have the 5th HP book in the Bloombury edition (Brit) and it has held together better than the US ones although the cover has come off. The US ones are all in pieces. #6 is still OK but I expect it will fall apart soon.