Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Silly Quiz of the Week

I thought it sounded funny and bet I could beat all the liberal bloggers for "liberalness" and non-republicanness, and I have, I think. (I bet this will really disqualify me from commenting on Rush Limbaugh according to most. It clearly shows I am pretty darned one-sided.)

I am:
"You're a damn Commie! Where's Tailgunner Joe when we need him?"

Are You A Republican?


Zwack said...

The Correct answers to the questions aren't there though (I'm -6% myself)

1) A Woman's place is...
Wherever she wants to be.

2) Taxes...
The Rich should contribute at a higher rate than anyone else because it hurts them less, but the tax system should be SIMPLIFIED to remove bureaucracy and thus tax loopholes.

3) The Bush Family is...
o.k. they got it right, the Bushes are an organized crime syndicate.

4) Hitler...
Was a deranged individual with some crazy ideas (he would only pet dogs while wearing gloves even though he loved animals)... But some republicans would insist that he didn't go far enough. (people on Little Green Football seem to think that nuking Palestine is a good idea)

5) Social Security is...
An excellent Idea, but needs to be done properly. Nationalise Health Care, introduce proper state pensions and welfare.

6) Israelis Versus Palestinians...

Impose sanctions, Threaten Military retaliation to EITHER side if it attacks the other. Get them around the table and let's build a lasting peace with a separate Autonomous Palestinian State.

7) Is the Media Biased?

Yes, the media is incredibly biased towards the established power structures and unwilling to show any stories that dare to say "our leaders are not right." For example the release in the UK of a memo detailing that the Americans pushed the Iraq war knowing that they didn't have the evidence they claimed they did has not been mentioned once in the US media that I have seen.

8) Global Warming, Pollution...

Invest in alternative energy sources, bring corporate privilege and corruption under control and punish the people involved for damages that their company does.

9) Ronald Reagan was...

A Senile fool who when he wasn't demented was actively evil. The fact that he and GW Bush were both voted for makes me wonder just how dumb the average American is.

WitNit said...

Yeah, the answers are mostly rigged. You got number one right. I ended up choosing In the House and Senate just because it seemed to offer the most flexibility.

Zwack said...

Thanks Mark, Some of the questions were just dumb.

Some of my answers represent a very brief (and badly worded probably) distillation of something that I consider to be a common sense position.

Others were deliberately over the top...

Seriously, I feel that the Rich should pay more taxes than the poor, but I also feel that the US tax code is way too complicated. I would accept a flat percentage tax as being fair, or a simple tier structure. e.g. All of your income counts. charitable donations etc don't get deducted. You get to deduct X for yourself and every dependent (e.g. a married couple can deduct 2X from their total income, a family of 5 can deduct 5X). You then pay 10% up to 20,000; 20% on everything between 20,000 and 80,000 and 30% on everything over 80,000 (or something similar) That means that you still get the majority of your earnings. Your income is the only thing that counts. Getting rid of tax loop holes will hopefully raise enough extra taxes that the actual rates can be brought lower.

Bush/Hitler are really just personal opinions and not so much to do with your political beliefs (you could be a republican who hates bush, or a democrat who likes him) Either way you could probably find something to like (or hate) about either one if you took it in isolation. Hitler was a vegetarian animal lover for example.

Having lived under (and relied on, through no fault of my own) a proper Social Security/Welfare/National Health System I believe that the benefits outweigh the costs (I find that I pay approximately the same percentage in taxes/private insurance in the US as I did in takes/National insurance in the UK, but more people benefit in the UK).

The Israeli/Palestinian question is not going to be solved until both sides are wanting to work together to solve it. I hope it happens, but "forcing" them to work together will not work. The answer I gave won't work, but is the best solution I can think of... outside bodies need to be impartial and evenhanded, but the changes have to come from within.

Is the Media biased? Yes, all media is biased. People see the differences from their own perspective. I always used to use multiple news sources to try and get a broad picture. I found that the BBC broadcasts in the middle of the night (the World Service ones) had a lot of news that wasn't mentioned at all in the mainstream British media.

Investment in alternative energy sources while punishing polluters (they're not destroying their own property they're destroying everyone's planet) seems like a common sense approach to me.

Ronald Reagan is another of those "personal" rather than political questions. Again there is probably something that you like (or hate) about him taken in isolation.

I am definitely left of centre, but I still feel that some of these positions when presented properly would be considered "good answers" (we can work together to make them better answers) by anyone of sense. Others are starting points where I would present the extreme view and compromise down to something more acceptable to everything. The people who refuse to compromise ever are the ones that worry me.