Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Mea Culpa

Well, I am re-reading some Idries Shah books in order to do a really super good essay on him. It's daunting. I also have a lot of thoughts on the "Danish Cartoon Controversy" that, now that it has quieted down, I wanted to put down in this space and elicit some discussion on. But, I am going crazy at work and home, so all of these promised goodies are currently still figments of my imagination. If anyone who has said kind things about this blog is still listening, you are a trooper! And by now if I were you I would have given up in disgust! However, be a better person than me, and I promise some reward (Heavenly, at this rate).


segovius said...

Which ones are you reading?

Anna in Portland (was Cairo) said...

I'm rereading the Commanding Self right now. I just finished re-reading "The Sufis." I have several others - may try to get through Wisdom of the Idiots. It's really hard to write a descriptive essay about Idries Shah, as he spends so much time criticizing scholars who do just that.

Zwack said...

As one of the (hopefully many) troopers, I must say that I am still with you (the wonders of RSS) because your writing is worth reading.

One of the mainstream bloggers that I read frequently comments that he's going to take time off because he feels the blog has become more of a millstone around his neck.

I would much rather read fewer good articles and comments than read more articles written because you felt you HAD to write something when you didn't want to.

Thank you, and there is no blame.


Aiman said...


I mean no offense but I've read some disturbing things about Idries Shah, and that he said Sufism predated Islam. But then that raises a whole lot of other questions. It doesn't seem to be the beliefs of the Qur'an.

halalhippie said...

"lot of thoughts on the "Danish Cartoon Controversy" that, now that it has quieted down,"

I ,too, have lots of thoughts from the other end of the pen.
Bring 'em on.

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